Server Cheat Sheet


Server Cheat Sheet
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Server Reference Sheet

Over 200 pieces of information that any server will need to know at some point. And if your guest wants to know more about Chenin Blanc you can do one of 3 things:

1.  Bullshit

2.  Find your bartender, manager or co-worker and ask them.

3.  Open your server book and look at this cheat sheet.

So for those of you who know that you need to know a ton, but don't know where to start in learning it, this material is perfect for you. I've been a fine dining server, trainer, and Sommelier for over 10 years and I still reference this puppy. 

The Basic Server Knowledge Sheet: Beer varietal profiles, Basic spirit info, Meat temperatures, Cooking terms, Allergy breakdown, Wine service rules (according to the Court of Master Sommeliers), 40+ Cocktail Recipes, 30+ Wine Varietals, pronunciation, country origin, characteristics and food pairing guide, Liqueur flavor profiles and coffee drink recipes.

***Save money and purchase the Cliff Notes Bundle Pack. From Culinary Information, to Wine Pairing and Characteristics and everything (seriously, everything) in between, the bundle pack is 8 pages of all the info a bartender and server could ever need to know.


This Reference Sheet has had a facelift since this video was made.... (it's a lot prettier)!

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