• Rule #1 To Getting An Interview

    Whether you have no experience or 20+ years of experience, it doesn't really matter. If you are making this common mistake on your resume, you cut your chances of getting an interview.

    What is the mistake? Not using the hiring managers name. It's that simple.

    Think of the tens, and in some cases hundreds, of resumes that are being handed in every day at the restaurant you want to work at. That's a lot of paper being left on the bar, at the host stand or on the managers office. So how can your resume stand out?

    First and foremost, create a great looking resume.  Steer clear of the common, boring, black and white resumes that most people hand in. Use one of our resume templates to ensure that your resume is better looking than anyone else.

    Once you have your great looking resume, address it to the person who will be responsible for hiring you.

    I can not emphasize the importance of this step. Find the hiring managers name and use it! 

    This will probably mean that you need to make a simple phone call to the restaurant. "Hello, I am wondering what the name of the Front of house manager is?"

    If it is the manager that answers, great! Tell them you're handing in a resume today, what time will he be around because you would love to meet him, even if it is briefly.

    He may or may not invite this introduction. That doesn't matter. You just want his name. Use this in your cover letter or resume itself.

    Setting yourself apart takes a few minutes of your time but the outcome is well worth it.

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